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MCDXLIX—the name of this wine is taken from the roman numerals for 1449. 

1449 is the year that marks the beginning of the Tornielli family. Since then over five centuries of history and family winemaking have culminated in the crafting of these fine contemporary Australian wines. 


The DUALITY range is a series of exceptional vintages that recognises the delicate balance which is seen across all aspects of making wine. It’s this perfect balance which makes these wines so special. 

Warm days, cool nights. Old-world knowledge blended with new-world techniques. Sweetness and acidity. Tannins and fruit. Wine is all about the right balance. 


Each dot on our 500 SERIES represents one year of the Tornielli family’s long history. 

This wine stands as testament to five-centuries of heritage.
This journey of over half a millenia has led to this very wine, which we proudly claim as our finest and most prestigious vintage to date. 

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