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MCDXLIX—the name of this wine is taken from the roman numerals for 1449. 1449 is the year that marks the beginning of the Tornielli family. Since then over five centuries of history and family winemaking have culminated in the crafting of these fine contemporary Australian wines.


Winemaker: Ed Tornielli

Region: Langhorne Creek

Soil: Sandy loam

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon [70%] and Shiraz [30%]


Tasting Notes:This is a bright glass of juicy and delicious red. The powerful, youthful and persistent fruit is layered with multifaceted spice and an accompaniment of floral aromas. The pure fruit satisfies the palate and is well harnessed within a structure of mellow oak. The long finish predicts a wine that will entice for a number of years.


Vinification: The Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are fermented separately from two distinct parcels chosen for their greater vineyard character. Fourteen months in barrel offers a better balanced structure.


2015 Vintage: A perfect mild year for Langhorne Creek who pleased both growers and winemakers.
Consistent mild weather and cool nights has rewarded with steady fruit ripening and vibrant flavour development. A lower crop yields favored by a light disease pressure delivered top notch quality. This year Shiraz is the one to watch but the ripening season has yielded Cabernet of exceptional quality too.

The Langhorne Creek wine region benefits from cooling afternoon breezes from Lake Alexandrina and this season was no exception. The welcome breezes helped keep overnight temperatures down, enabling fruit to maintain natural acidity.

2015 MCDXLIX Cabernet Shiraz

SKU: 3
  • Alc/Vol: 14.5%

    Age of vines: 20 years

    Age of barrels: 1-3 years

    Optimum drinking: 2016-2020

    Maturation Vessel: French and American oak hogsheads in combinationTime in barrel: 14 month

    Suitable for vegans: Yes

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