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Langhorne Creek

Barossa Valley

Tornielli Family Wines sources the best quality grapes from trusted growers in Langhorne Creek and the world-famous Barossa Valley. Offering a rich portfolio of premium varietals carried under his brand. 

Tornielli Family Wines has recently returned to winemaking and has found a reliable partner in China. The company is eager to expand its international market, and has put continuous work into establishing prosperous and long-term business relations with those interested in learning more about what makes Tornielli Family Wines so special.



​​​​- One of the best-kept secrets in Australian viticulture who constantly delivers beautiful reds.

  • Climate: Cool maritime

  • Onshore southerly winds blowing across Lake Alexandrina reduce the daytime temperature

  • Main grape varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dolcetto, Chardonnay, Verdello

Langhorne Creek

​​​​​- One of Australia’s oldest wine regions with a well know  dry-gown tradition.

  • Climate: Hot continental climate

  • Temperature: Wide diurnal temperature range

  • Main grape varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon,Grenache


Barossa Valley
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